Pressure washers are made for cleaning convenience. With the growing g demand, you can buy one at an affordable price. Alternatively, you can hire one or seek pressure washing services. If you choose to buy or hire, the pressure washer may come with few attachments, but you buy the bulk of it. Stores have pressure washer accessory kits with them inside, some brand-specific and some not. Whichever the case, attachments are necessary and make cleaning easy. We outline the types of pressure washer attachments below.

Pressure washer attachments

The most common attachments are the nozzles. Besides them, there are others made particularly for washing. Attachments vary based on the machine model. Ensure the quality is right before buying, and their efficiency is top-notch. Avoid extremely cheap attachments as they may not get the job done.

a. Surface cleaners pressure washer attachments

These cleaners are designed to clean large and flat areas that the washer nozzle cant cover quickly. Pressure is distributed over a huge area, and the dirty spot is attended to. They come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the attachments area. The disk shape is the most common, but you can get what you like. Every pressure cleaner model has a surface cleaner. For example, there are cleaners for electric models and for gas-powered models.

b. Nozzle attachments

Nozzles release water under pressure to the intended surface. There are different types of nozzles, with varying degrees to identify them. Each kind allows a varying amount of pressurized water to flow out for pressure washing. You can also classify nozzles into two broad categories; rotating and multifunction. The rotating kind makes circular motions, covering a larger space within a short time. The multifunction nozzles come with various settings for use in various cleaning applications.

c. Hose reels pressure washer attachments

Hose reels are excellent tools for pressure washing. A reel is the best solution instead of leaving your hose lying around in the dirt. Hose reels ensure your pressure washer hose is straight, free from kinks or tangles. They keep the cord in place and only roll it out when needed. Reels ensure you use minimal effort during pressure cleaning. Without the hose reel, you’ll have to manually pull the hose to your cleaning location, which is tiring.

d. Sand injector attachments

It heightens the cleaning power by stripping away stains. It also removes paint or rust from objects which may be challenging to come off just by water spraying.

e. Extension wand attachments

Pressure washing involves cleaning areas you hardly clean. On a regular basis, you wouldn’t climb a ladder in your house to clean a surface. There are many reasons for this. You may have no ladder; you don’t feel like carrying it to the spot, or you can’t reach the dirty area. Extension wands help you reach these places to clean out the dirt.

To sum up

Pressure washer attachments are many. We’ve mentioned a few above, but pressure cleaning involves others like brooms, foamers, spray guns, water filters, brushes, turbo tips, etc. Each plays a role in pressure cleaning and makes the process easier. Research on the different attachments for various pressure cleaning jobs. It helps to pick what’s convenient for you and your task.

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