A Brandon prison skilled who was once barred from contacting female colleagues for reasons not related along with his artwork now faces various charges from the Legislation Society of Manitoba, at the side of sexual harassment.

Ryan William Fawcett has moreover been charged with breach of an enterprise to the legislation society and conduct unbecoming a prison skilled.

Fawcett was once barred in July 2020 from contacting any female lawyers in Manitoba for any function except for work-related problems.

Those restrictions had been expanded in October 2020 to include any lady who is a prison assistant, or employee of the courts.

He has hearings scheduled Nov. 22 and 23 in Brandon.

Fawcett is a running in opposition to prison skilled based in Brandon with Jail Make stronger Manitoba, consistent with the legislation society’s web page. It says he was once known as to the bar in 2001.

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